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May 2021

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New York City News

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All photographs and commentary by Frank X. Didik unless otherwise noted

May 13, 2021 Washington Square Park people enjoying this warm Spring evening.

May 13, 2021 New York, NY 2021 One of the interesting outdoor/protected street "shacks"..

May 12, 2021 This sail boat enjoying NYC Spring.

May 10, 2021Late afternoon showing NYC skyline from the park at the foot of Greenpoint avenue in Greenpoint Brooklyn

May 10, 2021 Gasoline is quickly jumping up in price.

Apartment buildings continue to be under construction. Most buildings are planned years in advancet.

Ripped "hobo" jeans are gradually declining in populatiry.

More ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans are rapidly going out of style. Who will be the last person wearing them?

May 9, 2021 Another protest. Most people have their opinions formulated by the mass media.

May 9, 2021 Washington Square Park and most NYC parks are packed engoying the warm weather.

May 8, 2021 Ellenville NY A beautiful warm day in upstate New York. Salaries are rapidly going up to the level of a living wage as a result of the Covid-19 unemployment payments.

May 8, 2021 Elenville, NY. A beautiful waterfall.

Two year old subway station entrance in Williamsburg.

Life is returning to normal with the freedoms returning.

New buildings are still being built, even though NYC is losing population.

Tokyo Olympics The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is scheduled to start on July 23 and run till August 8, 2021. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be held from August 24 to September 5, 2021. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic was postponed from last year because of the Covid virus hysteria. This is not the first time that the Tokyo Olympics were postponed or canceled. The 1940 Tokyo Olympics was cancelled. The planning for the 1940 Tokyo Olympics started in 1932. In 1938, the head of the Japanese Diet wanted to cancel the Olympics because of the recent start of the second Sino-Nippon war, but Tokyo continued to build the stadiums, mostly in the area of what is now Yoyogi Park. Originally, the Germans were going to fly the burning Olympic torch on their newly developed Messerschmitt Me 261 that had the extremely long range of about 7,000miles (11,500km). In the end, the 1940 Tokyo Olympics was cancelled, however the 1940 East Asian Games were held in Tokyo.

A few of the many 1940 Tokyo Olympic posters

In 1964, the Olympics were held in Tokyo and it was spectacular. Japan did everything possible to show the world that it had overcome the extreme destruction of World War II and was on a global footing. The original stadiums build in Yoyogi Park were expanded and modernized. The Japanese infrastructure was completely revamped and modernized. New highways were built and Japan showed the famous "bullet trans" that were capable of traveling the then astounding speed of 125 miles per hour (200km/hr). Today the Shinkonsen speed along much faster at over 200 miles per hour and are arguably Japan has the best train system in the world. As a side note, Commodore Perry in 1853 brought to Japan a small steam engine and enough track to travel from Tokyo to Yokohama and this was one of many gifts given to the pre-Meji Japan, in exchange for opening up the country for limited trade with the United States. Many companies companies in Japan produced exciting new products that were essentially showcased by the 1964 Olympics. For example, many of the automobile companies that had been building small cars, suddenly offered new sports cars. Honda started to greatly push their motorcycles in the USA and even camera and electronic companies introduced new products. Everyone around in Japan and around the world were excited about these improvements. There were many first in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. It was the very first time that live TV broadcasts were shown from Japan to the United States, going through the newly launched Relay 1 satellite. This was considered an amazing achievement back then. Surprisingly, at the height of the "cold war", East and West Germany competed in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics as a single team. They had also done so in 1956 and 1960. This was to be the last time during the cold war that they would compete together. Japan had indeed arrived.

Unfortunately, very few people are excited about the 2020 (2021) Tokyo Olympics, including the people in Tokyo who are now forced to pay a higher tax to finance this. Further, it is possible that with globalization, the notion of nations competing against one another is no longer that relevant. The same has happened to the early Worlds Fairs that today have mostly lost their luster.

PLEASE NOTE: is planning a presence at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. If you are a media outlet and need representation or exclusive images and editorials covering the Olympics, please contact us.

May 5, 2021 Potentially dangerous bike rack

May 5, 2021 Roosevelt Island. Tidal electric generators

May 5, 2021 Roosevelt Island. Tidal electric generators

May 4, 2021 Williamsburg Brooklyn. Protest? No way! A wonderfully happy Dance Walking celebration.

May 4, 2021 Williamsburg Brooklyn. #Dance Walking celebration.

May 4, 2021 Williamsburg Brooklyn. Many people joined in #Dance Walking celebration.

May 4, 2021 Brooklyn. Lime is a new competition for electric scooters

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Two early Polish FSO cars

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day auto meet.

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day with a Polish FSO car.

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day blessed by a local priest.

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day exotic car

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day showing a 1964 Porsche 356.

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day showing the infamous East German Trabant.

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day. The Trabant "Traubi" were scorned in the 1980's.

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day Today the Trabaunt is a sought after collectors car.

May 2, 2021 Greenpoint Brooklyn. Polish Flag Day

May 2, 2021 NYU student graduation.


May 2, 2021 New York, NY. NYC is gradually becoming like a 1984 police state without privacy.

May 2, 2021 New York, NY Flowers are in full bloom.

May 2, 2021 New York, NY NYU graduation.

May 2, 2021 New York, NY The Catholic Church of the Holy Innocents Latin Mass



Brief Comments

May 14, 2021 Washington DC Dr. Fauci, answering Senator Burrs question before a congressional hearing, has stated that about 50% of the CDC employees have taken a Covid 19 vaccination, while apparently 50% have not. Peter Marks, from the FDA, stated also that about 50% of the FDA employees have taken the vaccine and about 50% has not.

May 14, 2021 California. Prince Harry, the British royal, declared that the American First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is "bonkers". The first Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of the press, which is one of the reasons why the 13 colonies broke away from British rule, fighting a bloody war from 1774 till 1783.

May 14, 2021 President Biden plans to add 100,000 contact tracers.

May 14, 2021 President Biden stated that the recommended rule is simple: "get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do".

May 13, 2021 Tamil Nadu, India. Indian Health Ambassador and former actor and comedian Vivekh received a Covid-19 vaccine on live TV to show how safe the vaccine is. Unfortunately two days latter, Vivekh died from cardiac arrest. He had been administered the Indian vaccine of Covaxin

May 12, 2021 The CDC has changed their mask recommendations after determining that the survival rate of people who have Covid-19 is just below 100%. According to the CDC, the survival rate for those who contract Covid, between the age of 0 to 50 years old is 99.98%. Between 50 and 69 years old, the survival rate is 99.5%, while those 70 years old and older, the survival rate is 94.6%. The CDC no longer recommends mask wearing outside.

May 11, 2021 Washington DC 124 former United States generals and admirals signed a letter declaring that the United States was in grave danger. The letter seemed to claim that the election was stolen, that the country was turning socialist and that the Covid-19 pandemic has been exaggerated. This represents about 20% of the total number of flag officers, had they still been on duty.

Vacine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) has reported that there have been 4057 deaths, 11,572 hospitalizations, 25,603 urgent care, 32,803 doctors office visits and 1,112 cases of Bells Palsy, 1,666 cases of shingles, after receiving a Covid-19 vaccination. These figures, which happened within days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccination, has not officially been attributed to the vaccination.

May 7, 2021 It is estimated that about 40% of the United States has been vaccinated against Covid-19. Curiously a large percentage of new Covid cases are from people who have already been vaccinated, calling into question the effectiveness of the vaccine.

May 7, 2021 It has been reported that many biotech companies are truing to create vaccine demand from both of a perceived public safety issue and from a profit perspective.

May 6, 2021 Netherlands has euthanized almost 7,000 people last year.

May 6, 2021 It has been reported that over 43,000 health practitioners and doctors and an additional 14,000 public health scientists have signed the "Great Barrington Declaration" proposing that natural immunity to spread, shielding those most vulnerable and ending blanket lockdowns.

May 4, 2021 The leading cause of so called "vaccine hesitancy" is fear of side effects and long term consequences of the vaccine. Further, a sizable portion of those not wishing to be vaccinated is that the overall survival rate is 99.98% so they feel that there is not any need to be vaccinated. An additional portion of the population feels that the Covid vaccine does not work.

May 4, 2021 It has been reported that all those wishing to be vaccinated, have already been vaccinated. This translates to about 40% of the United States has been vaccinated. It would seem that the balance of the population does not want to be vaccinated.

May 3, 2021 Many unemployed people are receiving stimulus money that equals the pay that they normally make working. As a result, there is difficult for many businesses to attract workers. Montana has canceled unemployment benefits in response to the unprecedented worker shortage.

May 3, 2021 It has been reported that the cost of lumber has increased by almost 400%. This means that the cost of new home construction has also increased.

April 30, 2021 Large urban areas have been losing population and smaller towns have had an increase in population. One of the key destination towns is Coeur d'Alene in norther Idaho. Real estate values have increased by 47% in one year.

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An excellent selection of photographs and commentary from 2020, primarily from New York City:

Main Page and index to more recent months
April 2021 NYC and the World
March 2021 Life in NYC getting back to a new normal
February 2021 Snow, cold, people getting used to the socalled "New Normal". Relative calm in NYC
January 2021 Protests around the United States including in Washington DC, NYC Snow storms, eating outside in the cold in NYC
Christmas Time 2020 Christmas time 2020, election results between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Protests and more
Summer and Fall 2020 Happenings around New York City in relative calm
May and June 2020 Massive protests, looting and rioting by the groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Also shows the after effects of a boarded up city.
March and April 2020 An empty, silent New York City from March and April, 2020
Earlier months and years
Photographic Index from around the world
Early New York City Building Photographs from 1995 to 2005 (Pre Street view)

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Copyright© 1977 - 2021 by Frank X. Didik, All Rights Reserved


Frank X. Didik with NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and first lady Chirlane McCray, at Gracy Mansion.


Olympics: The Tokyo Olympics are set to start on July 23, 2021 and run till August 8. The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be held from August 24 to September 5, 2021.


Inflation. Apparently, inflation is back, though not as severe as in 1980-1982. Items such as housing purchases, used automobiles, fuel and food has increased by a fairly high amount, with some estimating this to be about 15% over the past four months.

If the vaccination works, why must people still wear masks and why the need for a "Vaccination Passport"? Obviously, if someone decides not to take the vaccine, THEY are the one's who might be at risk. Why would people NOT want to take this potentially life saving vaccination? There are a number of reasons including that some of the vaccinations used aborted baby's/fetuses, some people question how a vaccination can be developed in two months, while the average time it takes to develop a vaccine is 13 years and some people feel that there is not any need to take it considering that the recovery rate is just under 100%. Finally, some people feel that the risks of permanent injury or death from the vaccine, outweighs the risks from the potential of getting the vaccine. The concept of "my body, my choice also seems to be a factor to decline taking the vaccine. Presently about 50% of the United States has taken or plans to take the vaccine.

Massive inflation coming? Frank X. Didik, January 2, 2020. At the start of 2020, it is estimated that the United States national debt was 21 Trillion dollars. As of January 2, 2021, as a result of the vast "printing" of additional money for Covid Relief and other expenses, this debt is estimated at just under 30 trillion dollars. Surely, one would think that a 30% increase in money supply would lead to significant inflation, but this has not happened. I believe that this is primarily because of vast production surpluses, on every level including manufacturing, services and farming. Robotics, efficient computerized allocation of resources and transportation has produced enough for everyone, without pressure on the market.

DO NOT DEFUND THE POLICE With skyrocketing crime, it is clear that NYC must have an effective and well funded NYPD otherwise we will be like the wild west.

Similarities between the current lock-downs and Prohibition Frank X. Didik, January 2, 2020. Many people feel that the shock of the lockdowns is unique in American history. This is not the case. There have been many shocking, similar instances of business closures or being greatly curtailed in American history. Some examples include in 1919, with the introduction of Prohibition, when all of the bars and liquor stores were suddenly closed and it was impossible to legally purchase alcohol. Clearly it was shocking when the leisurely pint after work and the closures of bars, must have been shocking. Prohibition ended in 1933. During World War 2, there were also many restrictions on rationing of many previously common items such as meat, sugar, gasoline and other items. Similar restrictions and shortages also occurred During the Civil war of 1861-1865 and the Revolutionary War of 1775-1783.

Remote working, office space, the diminished need for employees Frank X. Didik, January 1, 2020 It is fascinating to note that as a result of the government imposed Covid-19 restrictions, that for a period of time, an estimated 30% of the population was out of work, and yet the country did not experience any long term shortages, in any area. One might say that this is a wake-up call for companies to show them that they have too many redundant employees. read more

Does constant mask wearing reduce cognitive ability? Studies have shown that people inhale between 7% and 12% of their exhaled breath, with an accumulation of carbon dioxide. Does this cause minor cognitive loss for the wearer over time? Further, over time, the masks quickly become both moist as well as becomes a breading ground for bacteria. Also, does the additional stress on the lungs to breath through a filter effects the lungs? More studies must be performed to determine if mask wearing causes biological issues as well as phychological issues over time.

Lockdowns benefit large companies at the expense of small stores and businesses Frank X. Didik December 16, 2020
 It has become obvious that the lockdowns, imposed by most of the states to control the spread of Covid-19, has clearly benefited large companies, particularly on-line mega-companies, at the expense of small, local businesses, that were forced to either close their doors or greatly curtail their operations. It was estimated that these small companies and stores represented about 60% of the economy. As a result of the government imposed lockdowns, much of this bushiness activity and wealth has been transferred, perhaps permanently, to the on-line stores. This is rapidly creating a vastly different business environment and potentially will reduce the ability of an individual to start their own business in the future.


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Prior News


Defund? Some anti-police groups have called for the defunding of the police around the country. Question: late at night, if you are traveling in an empty subway car and two police officers come on, do you feel threatened or are you relieved and hope that they stay on for the duration of your trip? The answer is obvious. The police are essential to maintaining order in any society.

Corona Paycheck program read more
Remote salary protection read more
Internet censorship read more
People should be responsible for themselves and carry their own weight in society read more

Subway Safety-Subway Gate Every year hundreds of people are killed or severely injured when they fall onto the tracks of trains and subways. The prevention is cost efficient and greatly reduces liability ... read more ...

Greatly reduce train noise A significant amount of train noise is caused by the train wheels rolling over the expansion joint of the tracks. This vibration creates noise, vibrations, an less pleasant ride and also reduces the life cycle of the train. The solution is relatively simple and cost more ...

Corona Virus: What I have observed regarding the Corona Virus can be read here. Further, my photographs of empty New York City, can be viewed here.

Pentup Demand caused by Covid-19 lockdown? Unlikely. People are used to staying home, have developed new habits, and after being out of work, will probably want to save money.

Hysterical Fears pushed in the media and other sources: What ever happened to Y2K, the Ozone hole, nuclear winter, missile gap, read more

Restaurants and Bars will spring back? Very unlikely. People go to these places not only to eat and drink but primarily to socialize. If people are social distanced, why go out?

Corona Virus "Experts"? Who is to say who is an expert when the entire virus is a new event and nobody has any real understanding what is going on. This is like the transition period of Eastern Europe from 1989 to 1992, when so many "leading experts" came from nowhere and gave the public their speculation with truly disastrous results, causing massive inflation and economic failure in countries who followed their "advice".

Question If you can live for a thousand years, but have to live in a 12x12 foot (3x3 meter) room without ever leaving, would you do it? I prefer to live life to its fullest and accept the risks. Everything in life entails a certain risk.

Forced vaccinations? But Why? read more

Do more people die because of the Corona Virus or because of the lockdown? read more

Is Covid-19 as widespread as suggested? read more

Liberal Governments verses Conservative Governments read more

Career first and family later? read more


Frank X. Didik aboard "The Futurist", anchored in a New York Harbor.

Thoughts on science, business and society today
By Frank X. Didik - editor.

What if and what can or might be.

The 1956 Firebird was to be self driving.
Self Driving Cars? If you have an accident with a self driving car, who is at fault? The car manufacturer, the owner of the car or the occupant "driver" of the car? I have enjoyed owning and driving some of the most interesting cars made and have always enjoyed the freedom of driving without impediments or restrictions. Nevertheless, if self driving cars can help reduce accidents and enhance society, I am for them. Besides the technical aspects, there are many other issues that must be worked out. My concerns regarding self driving cars including liability, safety, morality and effectiveness. more ...


Bicycles? What ever happened to jet packs, flying cars and advanced technology that in the past, was predicted that we would be using by today? Why are bicycles being pushed by cities world wide? more ...

Question: If people who are protesting are paid to protest, is it really a protest?

Question: If a humanitarian organization is paid for their services, are they really a humanitarian organization?

Question: If a charity receives most or all of its money from the government, is it really a charity considering that the tax payer is paying for their services?

Cell Phone Etiquette
Advice for the modern person - December 9, 2016 read more

Time to Rethink Bike Lanes
Advice for bicyle based cities
 - August 3, 2016 read more

On Education
Rethinking school and our education system

Should everyone attend college or university? ... read more ...

Can a college or a university really teach a person to be a businessman or an artist or good in any particular field? ... read more ...

How come all college undergraduate degree's require four years? Should some degrees require only one year while others perhaps six years? ... read more ...

What courses should and should not be taught at college or university? Can college or a university teach a person how to be a good business person, or how to be creative? ... read more ...

Reason, Logic and intellect is not reliable. The late Christopher Hitchens often stated that we should rely on our logic, reason and intellect to determine the truth. Many people who pride themselves as educated, intelligent and progressive believe the same. As reasonable as this seems, Galileo proved over 400 years ago that our logic, reason and intellect is unreliable and that only direct experimental data, should be relied upon. Galileo had dropped two balls of the same material, but different masses, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to demonstrate that they would hit the ground at the same time, rather than the heavier ball hitting the ground first, as almost everyone, including Aristotle, 2000 years ago, had assumed. Our logic, reason and intellect is not reliable and should only be viewed as speculation. Only direct experimentation and obtaining the same results, over and over again should be relied upon.


What about? ..

Old Computer Formats and the longevity of our digitally stored knowledge. Are we entering into a "pre-history" era? How can we preserve our computer written records, books, photographs, video and knowledge? We must have an international agreement and an organization, perhaps under auspices of the United Nations, dedicated to preserving our global digital records so that future generations can access the information and knowledge that we store on computer readable formats.

If you wanted to, would you be able to read a:

    3 1/2" or 5 1/4" or 8" floppy?
    cd-rom or a dvd?
    12" optical disk?
    9 track tape?
    IBM punch card?
    Paper punch tape?

If you can not read these one or two generation old formats today, how will society be able to read these documents in 200 years from now? In a few years, our latest computer formats and storage devices, such as USB drives, will also be obsolete. I have deep concerns about the longevity of our knowledge and of computer records, more ...

What if the decay rate of elements varies rather than being a constant? Imagine, if this is the case, it would mean that all archeological dating is in question. How old are artifacts? When in fact did the dinosaurs really die out? Further, consider that ... read more ...

What is the speed of gravity? If it is instantaneous, then what if gravity can be modulated? Today most scientists, assume that the speed of gravity is the same as the speed of light, but what if the speed of gravity is instantaneous? Further, if gravity can be modulated, it might allow for instantaneous universal communication. Thus it might be possible to communicate with space craft instantly, rather than waiting for minutes for transmissions to reach the craft or earth. Perhaps computer chips can be made to operate vastly faster. And this is just the beginning since more ...

On Business

Investing in Startups. Good idea or bad? Is investing in a Startup, that has never proven itself in the market place, a good idea or a waste of money (and talent)? Historically, investors invested in companies that were swamped with orders and making money, but needed additional money to ... read more ...

Most efficient brain-storming method and how to make morning office meetings more productive and interesting ... read more ...

Superior advertising results

Producing the very best and most effective TV commercials The single purpose of a television commercial is to sell the product or service. The fact that an advertisement might be interesting, funny, informative or well produced is secondary to the main purpose, which is to sell the product or service. One should never leave the creation of the television commercial to the television producer or the video editor. ... read more ...

Building the most effective business websites Never let a "web designer" develop the website for you. A web designer should be produce the website under the supervision of an on line marketing master, usually working with ... read more ...


There is an alternative to population control. Restricting and discouraging the formation of families in order to stabilize or reduce population infringes on the freedom and rights of every human. There is another much better more ...

Questioning the results of modern science. For the last 100 years, we have been experiencing the collapse of real science. Theories, speculation and fantasy is the norm today. By definition, the scientific method is the ability to test and re-test and always get the same results, over and over. If an idea or a theory can not be tested, the idea must be viewed as speculation and not considered true, till that idea is proven without a doubt. Scientific theory has moved to areas that are beyond our present capability of testing and gradually a number of unproven theories have become accepted as fact without any real proof. Further, new theories have been developed based on old theories. Thus we have a situation where science today is largely based on theory upon theory. If something can not be proven, it falls into the realm of philosophy rather than science. This has led more ...

What if time varies along with all things, rather than being a constant? Consider more ...

Can the speed of light vary, even if traveling under the same conditions, or in other words, is the speed of light really a constant? According to Einstein's theory of relativity, the speed of light is a constant but more ...

Science and media hype: Any sudden "revolutionary" scientific discovery, even if such discovery is written about in every newspaper and scientific journal, should be greeted with skepticism. Such a discovery should only be accepted after the bulk of scientists have have had a chance to review the discovery and confirm that it is in fact correct. Such things that come to mind include cold fusion, the so called "God Particle" and even the recent stated discovery of a "gravitational wave". All too often such media hype has come and gone without any real discovery or fundamental change. more ...

What percentage of information, contained in science books is accurate and true? Are we in a post science period? Many science books today present more ...

It is time to retest scientific properties. Verify results. I suggest that the properties of all materials be re-tested using modern technology and certify the results. Melting and boiling points, conductivity, hardness, and all physical properties of materials should be re-tested more ...

Honesty and integrity in scientific research is essential in order to advance our knowledge base. When a scientist has worked for years to prove a particular theory and finds out that their work hasbeen in vain, it is difficult to admit that their original assumptions were wrong. Still it is vitally important more ...
(New York City, USA)
Copyright© 1977 - 2020 by Frank X. Didik, All Rights Reserved



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