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Frank Didik


Horizont -- Special camera capable of taking 120 degree photographs without distortion.

Buildings in Manhattan
(and elsewere)

NYPD Working Press Permit

INDEX - NYC Building Photographs
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Manhattan south of 59 Street

Manhattan south of 59 Street on-line
(Our on-line site may contain photographs that were not available when this disk was produced)

Manhattan north of 59 Street
PLEASE NOTE: You must be on-line in order to view Manhattan photographs of buildings north of 59 Street.

 An extensive collection of still photographs and video tapes shot in 1985-1986 covering property as well as street life in Manhattan north of 59 Street, with an emphasis on Harlem, but also covering the upper East Side, upper West Side, the East Village and lower East Side, is available. Please contact us by email for details. Thank you.


  • Dumbo (Down under the Manhattan Bridge)

  • Bridge Plaza region (area around the Manhattan Bridge
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Carol Gardens Smith Street (west side of the street)
  • Carol Gardens - Smith Street (East side of the street)
  • Williamsburg

General Information on the archive

 The photographs of building in New York City are part of the virtual reality city program. Most of the property photographs listed here were shot between March and July 2001. Each link below contains anywhere from 20 to 700 thumbnail photographs. Some images are shown rotated at 90 degrees in order to save space on the thumbnail page. The full size of each property photograph is about 1 megapixel (which is not presently on-line, but is sent to you after purchase either as an email file or print or on a cd-rom). For pricing information and terms for magazines and newspapers, please read our terms of use page. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us by email or telephone since we have far more images of each of these properties and other properties than what is available here on the net. In many cases, multiple photographs, such as night, winter, summer and other images were taken of each property. A large collection of still and video images photographed between 1985 and 1986, depicting buildings and street life on the upper East Side, upper West Side, Harlem and Washington Heights is also available, though not yet on-line. For details on this older collection, please email us. The thumbnail photographs shown on-line are not necessarily the best photograph that we have available. When purchasing, if your photographic need is not absolutely time dependent, you may wish to contact us so that we may provide you with the best possible image available for the particular property. We are in the process of improving the index and search capability. We recognize that presently it may be difficult for you to find a particular image on-line since each link contains a continuous stream of EVERY BUILDING on a particular side of a street from one section to another (for example: the every property on the north side of 34 Street from Fifth Avenue to the FDR). We are working to improve the index. Soon, you will soon be able to search by address or block and lot or by clicking on a detailed map. If you can not locate a property, please send an email for our prompt assistance in locating an image for the property. We can also provide you with custom photographs on short notice. To search this page by a single keyword or phrase, press the Ctrl and the F key at the same time. After the individual thumbnail images appear on your computer screen, you will have to scroll across and down the page until you find the property that you are seeking. Be sure to use the BACK and FORWARD keys, on your browser, to return to this index page.

Photographs and text covering the September 11, 2001 horror.

September 11, 2001 These dramatic photographs cover the street action around the WTC and lower Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn. Includes collapse of WTC-7, dust everywhere, local residents, road blocks, dramatic sun setting for the for the first time in years, without the Trade Center and more. Also provides text captions describing each scene.

September 11, 2001 other non-captioned photographs shot on the day the World Trade Center was destroyed.

September 12, and 13 2001 These images are captioned. see below for other, non-captioned photographs.

September 12, 2001 non-captioned photo's. Contains many images of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Heights, downtown Brooklyn and various shots in lower Manhattan. Includes distant shots of the WTC still smoking. Also includes sunset shots of the new skyline.

September 13 non-captioned photo's contains: Union Square memorial rally, Budist Monks praying, injured police officer, wanted leaflets, military and police check points, deserted streets in Manhattan, people wearing masks, day to day scenes. Of interest to anyone publishing on the aftermaths of the Trade Center horror.

September 16, 2001 Contains photographs of crushed police vehicle, fall out dust on fruit stand, Union Square at night, stunning sunset of Manhattan (shot from Brooklyn) but without the WTC, National Guard patrolling the streets and others. If you require captioning, please email us for further captioning details on any of the photographs.

September 17, 2001 Contains photographs of lower Manhattan along Broadway, tragic sight of car who's owner clearly will not be returning to move car, various memorials and signs.

September 21, 2001 Complete view of Broadway from Chambers Street almost all of the way to the Battery. Shows emergency construction and the general state of the City at that point. Also, images of various memorials and military and police patrols.

March 20, 2002 Spectacular views on the lower Manhattan skyline at night shot from Brooklyn (DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights) showing the WTC memorial in lights. Also images from other areas of the temporary, 30 day memorial.

Search Manhattan by area

Please Note: The streets associated with the areas listed below is approximate. Areas or districts in Manhattan are not exact and, to some degree, are arbitrary. If you are looking for a specific street, it is advisable to search the entire index, as listed in the column to the left. Further, many main streets for each area are only listed in the column to the left

Lower East Side

East Village
and Alphabet City


Eastern Europe thousands of images covering the transitional phase of the late 1980's and early 1990's.
OTHER CATAGORIES Including people, cars, stores, bars, clubs, events, nature, recreation, sports, architecture, technology communication and other catagories
PLEASE NOTE: You must be on-line to view the above photographs.


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